Of Anchors and Arrows​-​Stacey Steger and Ryan Davis

from by Church Refugees

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Stacey and Ryan live in Waco, TX and are two members of The Rust (www.therust.net).


Of Anchors and Arrows
By: Stacey Steger and Ryan Davis

Verse I
F#m A
We envisioned her an anchor
F#m Bm
All strong and sure and lead
F#m A
She came in like an arrow
Em F#m
All sharp ready to embed

Verse II
F#m A
We looked to her for comfort
F#m Bm
A home to hold our faith
F#m A
We listened as she spoke the words
Em F#m
Rituals given to obey

Bm G
Do as you’re told
Bm G Em
Think as she thinks
Bm G
Speak as she speaks
Bm Em F#m Bm Em F#m
Or she’ll throw, throw, throw you to the sea

Verse III
F#m A
We hoped for a harbor
F#m Bm
All safety and iron
F#m A
Her walls were all poison
Em F#m
The air made us blind

Verse IIII
F#m A
Forgive me for my efforts
F#m Bm
Forgive where we offend
F#m A
Service of the loyal
Em F#m
That fails the call you give


Chorus X 2


from This is Why I Left You, released June 19, 2015
Vocals, Lyrics and Music by Stacey Steger and Ryan Davis



all rights reserved


Church Refugees Greeley, Colorado

"This is Why I Left You: Songs for the Dones" is the soundtrack to the book Church Refugees. Each artist drew inspiration for their lyrics from quotes in Church Refugees about people who have walked away from organized religion, but not from God. It is our hope that these songs serve as a source of comfort and inspiration to those who have left and those who are thinking of leaving the church. ... more

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