The Powers That Be​-​Lucas Land

from by Church Refugees

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Lucas Land is an eco-theologian, urban farmer, teacher, facilitator, musician, writer and activist. He is avoiding growing up by constantly learning and trying new things. He lives with his wife, three children, flock of chickens, dog and cat in the Sanger Heights Neighborhood in North Waco. He is part of an intentional Christian community in Waco, TX, and no, he's not a Branch Davidian.


The Powers That Be by Lucas Land
Capo 2

I met a man who had no home
His hands were rugged and kind
His words were sharp, carved with a knife
The truth was death but only brought life
He changed me and saved me and gave me a home
He loved me and never left me alone
Scales fell from my eyes
And I saw the world for the first time
C G Em C
But the Powers that be come between you and me
Am7 D7 G
And all of the things that bear his name
So I joined Trademark Ministries with a CEO pastor
I worshipped at the altar of corporate structure
Bowed down at the feet of efficiency
When the Spirit said move I stood in my place
Chains on my ankles and lost without grace
Struggling hard against the ties that bind
Desperately searching for a path I could find
Just keep the thing goin', keep this train rollin'
G G/F# Em C
Doesn’t matter who lies on the tracks
Keep climbin' the ladder, watch the budget get fatter
Don't look down as you step on their backs

Am Em C D
All of this for the kingdom come
All of this has left me undone
All of this for the kingdom come
All of this for one moment in the sun
Verse: After so many years serving the machine
I finally had nothing left to give
So I walked out the door, I turned my back
Something must die so I can live

But just outside the door the man with no home
Was waiting for me with empty arms
New scales had grown in place of the old
Now mud and spit help me see
Last Chorus:
The Powers that be can never come between
You and me and the things that bear his name.


from This is Why I Left You, released June 19, 2015
Lyrics, Vocals and Guitar by Lucas Land
Vocals by Sarah Land



all rights reserved


Church Refugees Greeley, Colorado

"This is Why I Left You: Songs for the Dones" is the soundtrack to the book Church Refugees. Each artist drew inspiration for their lyrics from quotes in Church Refugees about people who have walked away from organized religion, but not from God. It is our hope that these songs serve as a source of comfort and inspiration to those who have left and those who are thinking of leaving the church. ... more

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